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Dungeon Tails is an easy-to-learn, hard-to-beat, action adventure for mobile devices. Pick your Hero and embark on an dangerous voyage into caverns full of monsters, traps, loot and surprises!

Should you be a beginner or a veteran player, Dungeon Tails offers hours of excitement with refined controls designed for touch devices.

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Main Features:

16 randomized levels!

Venture into the dungeon and beat all 16 levels with over 50 hand made rooms. No two adventures will be the same!

Unlimited Heroes!

Once your hero perishes in dungeon, another one will appear to the camp ready for your next adventure.

Upgrade your camp!

Gain better gear, items and hero upgrades by spending money in the Old Granny┬┤s shop.

60+ unique items!

Gear, Runes, Food, Traps... Lots of loot! Some can be bought from the shop, some can only be found from the dungeon.

20+ Monsters!

All dangerous! Cute enemies with awesome animations ready to stop you beating the dungeon.